The Spirit of Sports

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Today I got up, threw on my sweatshirt and walked down to the Montauk Mighty Man triathlon.  Three distances, sprint, Olympic and half ironman started at 7am. Air temp 56, water temp upper 60s.  I have not competed in any triathlons this year due to my commitment of running the NYC Marathon.  It’s been a tough path giving up my passion for triathlons.

Today I was the cheerleader to many athletes racing on a course that doesn’t have huge crowds.  There is “the hill” which challenges runners and bikers to dig deep.  It’s long, it can be windy and for some folks today, they had to ride it twice.  I watched the struggle in their eyes, the grimaces.  I verbally coached a few newbies to stop mashing the pedals and spin.  I was, for some, that extra jolt of energy to get to the top

I am either coaching or racing, today I just liked being there in the moment  I saw families cheering at transition, a German guy break his toe running his bike in (to which he said, “last race of the season, who cares?) OUCH! , and the giggles and thrills of those completing a first time triathlon.  The best costume award goes to Banana Man.  He biked and ran in his yellow banana costume  Sorry folks, no pics

Simplicity, small town appeal and racing for the purpose of enjoyment.  That is slowly dying in life and in sport  I feel lucky to have had a taste of it today.




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