Do You Detox?

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Recently my client approached me with information on a 10 day detoxification plan.  She felt it would clear energy paths and cleanse her body of harmful toxins.  Ayurvedic medicine dating back prior to 400 BC promotes eliminating food groups thus placing a focus on a plant based diet.  There are also various “cleansing” beverages that one can consume daily.

Is giving the body a break from meat, dairy,  nuts, seeds, and of course, processed foods a bad thing?  Certainly not, however, using this as a form of weight loss is not a healthy, healing choice.  My concern with detox plans is that people are not changing behavior patterns or their relationship with food.  Once the fast is complete, most will return to their old ways of nutrition.  Statistics show that more than 60% of people gain their weight back, plus more.  Not to mention the expense of such programs when it comes to buying supplements and detoxification beverages.  So who is the winner in this situation?

Self-efficacy, the ability to succeed at a goal or challenge, can be easily defeated with trendy plans like detoxification.  A SMART plan can help by setting short-term goals that lead into long term success.  The acronym is defined as:

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

This plan will incorporate behavior assessment, changes to daily tasks, dietary likes/dislikes, understanding the role of food in life, exercise, stress reduction, organization, time management and more.  It also will require accountability and commitment.  The goals may change constantly  and you can count on setbacks.   But one can certainly call this a DETOX of a different brand.

Seek guidance from a Certified Health Coach.  They will have the resources to guide you on your journey.

Be well-Be SMART






One thought on “Do You Detox?

    Mike said:
    May 18, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Great advice…we get nowhere without a plan and some sacrifice. Thanks Patty.

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