Know Your Resting Heart Rate

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During a fitness evaluation, the trainer may ask if you know your resting heart rate.  This is your pulse at the moment you wake up in the morning before getting out of bed.

The pulse can be found on the radial artery on the vertical side of the wrist near the thumb or it can be found on the carotid artery near the trachea while the neck is slightly extended (this is the easier of the two).

  1. Simply place your index finger and middle fingers (not thumb) over the artery
  2. Gently press to feel the beating
  3. Start with “1”.  Count for 15 seconds, then multiply by 4.

Fluctuations are common for those individuals who are on medications, have external stress factors, have inflammation in the body, overtraining in sports, and even digestive issues.

The average heart rate for a male is 60 to 70, a female is 72-80.  Females are higher because of smaller heart chambers, lower blood volume circulating less oxygen and lower hemoglobin levels.  Note:  Athletes may register in the range of 40-50 due to their high training volumes that push the cardiac output.

Having this baseline number will allow you  and a qualified professional determine your exercise guidelines when training or competing.






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