Journal Your Way to Health

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IMG_0657.jpgAs we begin 2018, it is a time when many of us look at new beginnings, changing habits, starting a new project or setting goals.  Resolutions are at the forefront as a way to commit to something; however, most resolutions slowly slip away.

Journaling is a way to record ideas, emotions, set intentions or reflect on daily experiences.  It’s personal, it’s private, it’s even therapeutic.  In the past, young girls would keep diaries under lock and key.  Small books that told a story of adolescent feelings, friendships and hardships.  It was a release in the simplest form.

In a world full of second by second changes, we have lost that connection to “self”.  Small accomplishments no longer seem enough.  Setting a daily intention to be grateful is challenging.  I admit I am guilty of always projecting that life should be more fulfilling, that my life is not what I planned.  So keeping a journal is my own personal therapy of release.

How do you embark on keeping a journal?  First find a book that is meaningful to you.  It can be colorful, black and white, small, big, but it has to be personal.  I keep two journals.  One reflects my health/athletic goals, the other reflects my intentions and emotions.  Sometimes they can be one in the same.  I choose when to write, what to write and I work at being honest with myself.

This is not gender specific, it’s gender reflective.  Gentlemen, you have goals in career, family and health; just like us women.  So man-up and try it.  Ladies, it’s acceptable to honor yourself, your accomplishments and your aspirations.  Putting pen to paper also frees you from technology.

So as we all try to improve in 2018, take that emotional recess and journal.



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